Apple Likely To Launch Cloud-based iTunes Says Ex-CEO Of

Michael Robertson, CEO of MP3tunes and former CEO of, has written on the popular tech blog, TechCrunch, that Apple Inc., plans to roll out its cloud computing service in the form of a web-based version of iTunes which will be based on technology by digital music startup Lala.

He claimed in the blog post that Apple plans to scrap its current $1.29 per song business model for iTunes and replace it with a monthly subscription fee.

Lala, which was acquired by Apple sometime back, provides software that allows users to create an online personal music library that is easily accessible from any web browser.

According to the post by Robertson, Apple has plans to integrate Lala’s technology with the huge data center that the company is currently building in Maiden, North Carolina, to develop a brand new version of iTunes.

It will allow users to create music catalogues from the songs they have purchased and the ones stored in their iTunes library. The catalogue can be seamlessly accessed from any PC, iPhone, iPod Touch and tablet PC.

The cloud based iTunes will enable users to navigate and play their music and video files from any web browser, running on nearly any device.

Our Comments

Apple is bound to pre-empt the threat of cloud-based music solutions by starting one itself. We suspect that it will ultimately be a browser based solution, rather than one that depends on installing a client. This means that even app installation might be cloud based soon.

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