Apple Might Change MacTablet Name To iPad

Mac Rumors, a blog dedicated to reporting news related to Apple Inc., has claimed that new evidence point to the fact that Apple might rename its rumored tablet device as ‘iPad’ instead of the highly speculated name, ‘iSlate’.

The company is expected to unveil its tablet device sometime next week. The blog has unearthed a trademark application for the name ‘iPad’ by one IP Application Development LLC in the Canadian trademark registry.

The application says that the company is based in Wilmington, Delaware, US. Interestingly, ‘iPad’ is also an acronym for the company’s name.

Mac Rumors failed to find a link between Apple and IP Application Development LLC and the address listed on the trademark application belongs to Corporation Services Company, which provides registration services to many companies.

The Mac Rumors report also revealed that Slate Computing, the dummy corporation owned by Apple, had also filed an ‘iPad’ trademark application in Canada in July 2009.

The site also found out that similar trademark applications for ‘iPad’ were filed in Europe and Hong Kong.

The European application was done by a UK law firm whereas the application filed in Hong Kong was traced back to IP Application Development, which has also applied for ‘iPad’ trademark applications in Australia and New Zealand, apart from Canada.

Our Comments

I fear some confusion might arise between the iPod and iPad name. Better leave it to iSlate or even better, bring in the name Newton for those, who like me, are nostalgic of the old but fondly remembered Apple PDA.

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