Aussie headbanger debuts touchscreen guitar

A self-confessed guitar obsessive and software engineer known only as Michael has developed a touchscreen digital guitar which, while it will have purists weeping into their Fender Stratocasters, is rather intriguing.

The Misa Guitar, which uses Michael's Open Source software on a Linux operating system, acts as a MIDI controller so doesn't have any onboard sounds.

The device, which is at an advanced prototype stage judging from the video, features 24 buttons where the frets should be and the touchscreen interface sits under the player's strumming hand.

Various gestures on the screen control the volume, pitch, filter cutoffs and contours of the sound and there's a pretty impressive video here of the device in action.

There's no indication of when - or if - the Misa Guitar will go into production, or how much it will cost, but you can register your interest on the web site and Micahael will keep you informed.

Stairway to Digital Heaven, anyone?