China search giant sues US domain registrar

China's Google-beating search engine, is blaming its domain registrar for a recent hack attack which redirected users to a page set up by the Iranian Cyber Army.

The firm filed a lawsuit in a US court in New York "seeking damages over the incident of Baidu's service interruption last week," the Chinese firm said in a statement.

It didn't say the lawsuit had nothing to do at all with Google's well-publicised hackery-pokery in China. Because it hasn't. Nothing at all.

Baidu said its site had been "unlawfully and maliciously altered" as a result of the "gross negligence" of

Baidu's English-language site was down for several hours on January 12. Searchers were re-directed to a site operated by a group calling themselves the Iranian Cyber Army. It is unlilkely that the Iranian Cyber Army has anything to do with Iran. The group had claimed responsibility for a similar attack on Twitter last month.

Baidu said that its Chinese site, had not been hacked.