Firefox downloads get huge spike

The folks at Mozilla are rubbing their hands together in glee over the misfortune of poor little Microsoft, as Internet Explorer users jump ship in their droves.

Following an anouncement by the German Government that Exploder was about has safe as anthrax, and shouldn't be touched with a very long Bratwurst, Firefox downloads went through the roof with daily downloads peaking at close to 200,000 per day, and more than 300,000 over the four-day period straddling the day it all went Pete Tong for the Redmond Massive.

France later followed suit saying that, even though the security hole only affected relatively ancient versions of the beleagured browser, it was only a matter of time before someone worked out how to apply the hack to later version.

Microsoft is currently running around like headless chicken telling anyone who cares to listen that there's nothing wrong with its browser and that it's the most secure piece of software in the world.

The world is sticking its fingers in its ears and going 'lalalalala lala laa'.

You can see the chart here.