Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates Jumps On Twitter Bandwagon

Bill Gates, the former Microsoft CEO, has finally joined the long list of celebrities and business magnets who have succumbed to the popularity of Twitter, the world’s most popular micro-blogging service.

The co-founder of Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, managed to generate a following of 70,000 fans in the first six hours of creating his official Twitter account and has since then acquired over 170,000 fans.

Bill Gates, who stepped down from the position of Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer on June 27th 2008, is now focusing full-time on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has become the world’s largest non-profit organisation.

In his first ever ‘tweet’, Mr. Gates wrote “Hello World. Hard at work on my foundation letter — publishing on 1/25.”

Gates also messaged Ryan Seacrest, the popular American TV and radio show host, thanking him for the work done by him to raise money for Haiti earthquake victims.

The world’s richest man is also following 40 accounts on Twitter, including that of The Economist, The New York Times, US President Barack Obama, Queen Rania of Jordan and interestingly, the account of High School Musical star, Ashley Tisdale.

It is believed that Bill Gates has joined Twitter to promote his Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and to "share cool things" which he is learning from his work with the foundation.

Our Comments

This nice chap is likely to end 2010 with more than one million followers. Good on Mr Gates though who has been one of the most generous philanthropists of the last decade and is still very active when it comes to helping others. May the geekiest of us all show the enlightened way to others like Jobs.

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