Google Delays Release Of Android Phones In China

In the aftermath of Google’s threat to quit China, the search engine giant has postponed the launch of two Android based smartphones manufactured by Motorola and Samsung in China.

Reports have also confirmed that a source close to Google has said officials of the company are currently engaged in talks with the Chinese government.

Due to the uncertainty of results of these talks Google has decide to postpone the launch as Google felt it was “irresponsible” to launch the phones in the market as it would result in a poor user experience.

A Google spokesperson, confirming the news, told media persons that “The launch we have been working on with China Unicom has been postponed." China Unicom is one of the leading telecom services providers in China.

This decision to postpone the launch of the two Android based smartphones is a testimonial to Google’s bold effort to stop filtering internet searches in China following the ‘highly sophisticated’ cyber attack on Google’s corporate infrastructure which was later found to have been originated from China.

Google has claimed that 20 other US companies were targeted in the cyber attack. Meanwhile, Google has also initiated an internal investigation in order to determine whether the Chinese hackers had gotten help from Google employees in China.

Our Comments

As we said before, Google has got the guts to face the Chinese government, something even countries like United Kingdom or France haven't been able to do. Some might even say that Google has restore the faith that big corporations can sometimes have a proper backbone.

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