IBM Project Vulcan Could Bring Wave-Like Capabilities To Businesses

International Business Machines(IBM), the New York based computer and IT consulting giant, has unveiled ‘Project Vulcan’, the future of its online business collaboration tool.

Project Vulcan was showcased at the annual Lotusphere conference Monday and is a joint effort of IBM’s Research unit and its Lotus software development team. IBM representatives said that Project Vulcan will available in a Beta version on IBM’s LotusLive Labs in the second half of 2010.

LotusLive Labs is a website that is built along the lines of Google Labs and is designed to showcase early versions of net-based Lotus collaboration tools.

Ed Brill, IBM chief of product management for Lotus software, explaining the whole idea behind Project Vulcan, posted on his blog that ‘One of its key themes is social analytics and business analytics combined and applied to industry-specific scenarios -- making collaboration more focused and relevant.’

The ground-breaking business collaboration tool will combine email, profiles, calendars and social analytics in one single platform which will also contain analytics engines and business specific scenarios. IBM has also promised better developer-friendly services and APIs’.

However, several industry experts were quick to notice the similarities between Project Vulcan and Google Wave and commented that the user interface of Project Vulcan reminded one of Facebook.

Our Comments

Intriguing new technology from Big Blue that shows how surprisingly agile, a multi-billion dollar company with decades worth of experience behind it can be. We suppose that technology from its Cognos acquisition will be integrated in the mash up as well.

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