LG GW520 review

A blend of previous best selling LG models like the Etna and Cookie, the GW520 combines touchscreen with keyboard in my favourite format as a QWERTY side-slider. Sturdily constructed in plastic the phone has a solid feel when open and the keys are spacious and brightly backlit in white. Four direction keys and colour coding further enhance the keypad to create a durable messaging and text phone.

The 2.8 inch touchscreen is the resistive style, but icons and menus are large and colourful so even I didn't need a stylus. Users flinger slide between two main screens which are supplemented by pretty standard menu icons and widgets. The basic home screen is unexceptional, the more interesting side is LiveSquare.

LiveSquare is LG's novel idea for incoming messages mails and other recent contacts to appear as cutesy animal and human avatars. They wave or hold up little signs when text threads are extended, evidence here that the phone is very much targeted as a starter for younger teens. The idea needs some work but It amused my friends kids.

Facebook is the only SNetworking app, but the internet access is great with HSPA. No Wi-Fi or GPS and the 3 Megapixel camera is extremely basic, but sacrifices do keep the price tag down. Only 40MB onboard means you'll need to pop in a MicroSD card, up to an 8GB limit - I seem to make that comment a lot, manufacturers stop skimping on memory chips!

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com