Microsoft Zune Phone To Launch At Mobile World Congress?

Global securities and investment banking group, Jefferies and Company, has released a note where it has claimed that Microsoft will be launching the Zune phone or the Pink phone in the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona next month.

A Zune-like smartphone by the software giant has long been rumored as Microsoft’s Windows Mobile smartphone OS has been struggling against the likes of Apple and RIM, which have been instrumental in deteriorating Windows Mobile’s market share to less than 10 percent.

Katherine Egbert, a analyst with Jefferies and Co while commenting on the subject mentioned “Our recent industry checks indicate Microsoft will be debuting its own phone sometime in the next two months.”

According to the client note reported by the AllThingsD blog, Egbert has announced that Zune phone will be based on the platform offered by Danger’s Sidekick smartphone along with the design and media platform of Microsoft’s Zune media player.

The notice also claimed that the phone will probably come equipped with 5 mega-pixel camera along with 720p HD video support. Interestingly, the Zune phone will be based on integrated content/store concept widely used by Apple iPod and now Amazon Kindle.

The phone will operate on the much-awaited Windows Mobile 7 platform, which is being looked upon as Microsoft’s last hope of survival in the mobile phone OS market.

Our Comments

Microsoft might well be bluffing and Windows Mobile 7 might not actually have been postponed until the end of the year. Chances though is that the Zune Phone or Pink Phone, is nothing more than a rumour or at the very least a project that will not see daylight.

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