Nokia Wins Lawsuit Against IPCom Over Patents

The Finland-based mobile phone manufacturing giant, Nokia, has won a vital patent infringement lawsuit in a UK court, which was filed 3 years ago by German company IPCom, which had accused Nokia of infringing two IPCom patents related to mobile network technology.

The London High Court ruled in favour of Nokia by declaring the two patents that were held by IPCom as invalid. IPCom had filed the lawsuit in a German court which was followed by Nokia counter suiting the company in the UK Patents Court.

Nokia spokesperson, Mark Durrant, expressing the company’s delight over the court’s ruling said “This is an important decision, as it is not possible to infringe an invalid patent”.

He added that the company plans to seek reimbursement of legal costs incurred during the duration of the trial from IPCom.

Meanwhile Bernhard Frohwitter, managing director of IPCom said that the company is convinced that the patents are valid in the UK and plans to appeal against the High Court ruling.

He also made it clear that the company plans to continue legal actions against Nokia in Germany, where the ruling does not apply.

The ruling comes as a respite for Nokia, which has vowed to defend the company against the fresh legal charges that were recently filed by Apple Inc.

Our Comments

The legal tussle against IPCom might be over but the one against Apple is only starting and is altogether a different case which will be significantly more difficult for Nokia to win. Apple, unlike IPCom, has an armada of top-notch lawyers and will not hesitate to bring down Nokia.

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