Rambus rumpus settled out of court

What could have been one of the biggest patent litigations in the history of modern technology has been resolved out of court in a $900 million settlement.

Electronics IP specialist Rambus has persuaded Korean tech giant Samsung to part with $200 million in cash up front and then make $25 million quarterly payments for the next five years in a dispute over chip and interface designs.

Samsung will also buy $200 million worth of Rambus shares, and the two companies will play nicely in the future, collaborating on NAND flash R&D and production, a technology which is currently unfamiliar to Rambus.

The ten-year battle between the two companies threatened to get out of hand with suit and countersuit flying backwards and forwards for years. Antitrust claims and allegations of price fixing were bandied about, and it seemed that the only people benefiting from the legal shenanigans were the lawyers.