Sony delays PS3 Wiimote rival until autumn

When Nintendo introduced the Wii to the world - with its sub-standard graphics, poor connectivity and kiddie-friendly games - X-box 360 and PS3 gamers pointed and laughed, safe in the knowledge that their sophisticated next-gen machines were superior in every way.

What they didn't realise - while quoting all sorts of statistics about screen resolutions and Blu-ray players and graphics engines and hard drive sizes - is that gaming is about games. And games should be fun.

The Wii brought the gaming console out of the spotty teenager's festering stinkhole of a bedroom and into the living room. For the first time ever, granny could join in. Which meant that middle aged men who should know better found justification in spending hundreds of pounds on a console... "for the kids, dear. Honest."

The Wii started a gaming revolution by actively encouraging kids to exercise whilst they were playing games. Yet another justification for the expense.

And now every other console maker - well Sony and Microsoft to be precise - is tripping over its own cables desperate to get a wave-it-about-in-the-air controller to market.

Sony's Motion Control offering, which uses a tiny camera fitted to the top of the TV screen to track three-dimensional movement, has been a long time coming, but the gaming giant is determined to have a full compliment of compatible games available at launch time.

Which is why the launch of the new controller has been put back yet again and will now only show its face in the autumn.

There's only one thing worse than coming to the table late with an idea. And that's finally getting there and failing miserably.