Windows Mobile 7 Could Come In Two Flavours Says Blogger

A fresh rumour regarding the much vaunted Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 has been doing rounds in the tech industry as WM Experts, a blog that covers news of Windows Mobile, reported that Microsoft might launch Windows Mobile 7 in two different versions; a business edition and a media version.

The report on the news site claims that Windows Mobile 7 may come equipped with a host of different features including an intriguing mobile version of Microsoft Office, online collaboration, Xbox Live, high definition video and streaming TV.

However, WM Experts has conveniently posted a disclaimer that declares that the news comes from an anonymous source and has not been confirmed by the Redmond-based software giant.

According to the report, Microsoft is planning to release the two versions of Windows Mobile 7 at different times and that the media version will be released after the business one.

Interestingly, WM Experts has also reported that the business version of Windows Mobile 7 or just ‘Seven’, is on the verge of being finished and will have the capability to sync ‘to the cloud’ with various devices including a user’s home PC.

Seven will also allow multiple user access so that 2-3 people can work on the same document at the same time.

Our Comments

Fragmenting Windows Mobile won't serve any useful purpose we reckon. Microsoft can do it on the desktop because it can afford to. Having multiple Windows Mobile version is both counter productive and likely to work against Microsoft rather than for it.

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