Apple cosying up to Microsoft

The Web is buzzing with rumours that top Apple execs have been courting the folks at Microsoft about the possibility replacing Google as the iPhone's default browser with Microsoft's Johnny-come-lately offering, Bing.

And with Google's much-anticipated but ultimately disappointing app phone the Nexus One trying to wheedle its way into the consciousness of the iPhone faithful, we can see Apple's point.

The talks are said to have been underway for weeks now but all concerned parties are keeping tight lipped about any impending deal.

The problem is, most Apple Macolytes have an inbuilt instinct which makes them despise anything to do with Microsoft, and we predict that the vast majority will immediatley revert back to Google or its ilk at the first available opportunity.

Another theory is that Apple is looking for commercial partners willing to inject some cash into the iPad tablet computer project in order keep the street price down. And as Microsoft is sloshing around on a huge pile of the green stuff it seems like the obvious place to go.