Asus To Roll Out Nvidia ION 2, AMD-based EEE PC

Asus will be launching its first EEE PC desktop computers and laptops based on Nvidia's just-launched ION-2 platform in April 2010 according to Taiwanese sources; they also confirmed that Asus will also release its first AMD ultra portable EEE netbooks in next month.

According to Digitimes, a desktop PC with a 20-inch touchscreen display capable of displaying 1600x1200 pixels , called the Eee Top ET2010PNT will appear "in the near future" and will almost certainly be available in the UK.

It will pack the new Atom D510, an Intel dual core processor, with the Geforce G310, itself a 40nm die-shrink version of the Geforce G210, as part of the Nvidia ION 2 platform. This DirectX DX10.1 part will be able to fully decode full HD content on its 20-inch screen.

Asus will also launch a 12-inch EEE PC netbook based on the ION 2 solution in April which are likely to be priced much higher than entry level Pinetrail models which have both the processor and the graphics module on the same socket.

There's also talks of a number of AMD Congo-based laptops coming out in April and priced competitively against Intel's own CULV platform. These 12-inch models will have more substantial firepower compared to normal netbooks as they will come with Athlon CPUs coupled with AMD's ATI Chipset.

Our Comments

Expect the prices of N270 and N280-based netbooks to fall down over the next few weeks as manufacturers get rid of old stock to make space for the new gear. But we won't get excited unless we start seeing more smartbooks out in the market. We're getting tired of the same old Netbook concept.

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