Microsoft Signs Wide Ranging Patent Sharing Agreement With TV Maker Funai

Microsoft Corp. has announced that it has penned a patent-sharing agreement with the Japanese LCD TV manufacturer Funai.

The new cross-licensing agreement between the two companies would help Funai to incorporate Microsoft-patented technologies in its new range of consumer electronics products.

The most notable aspect of the deal includes the Redmond’s Extended File Allocation Table, better known as “exFAT”, which is a technology superior to FAT and aims at mobile storage products.

According to the software giant, its exFAT technology would help in bringing rich and integrated media experiences to Funai’s upcoming consumer electronics line-up.

The duo further pitched hopes that the agreement would pave the way for accommodation of a range of PC features into the modern LCD TV sets.

David Kaefer, GM of Intellectual Property Licensing at Microsoft, said in a statement: “Consumers want TVs to offer experiences that were once available primarily on personal computers. A patent license like this one allows two industry leaders to deliver the type of cutting-edge innovations that today’s consumers demand”.

Although Funai might not be that well-known brand name to many, but it manufactures products for a number of the world's most popular brands in the consumer electronics industry, including Philips, Dell, Toshiba, Denon etc.

Our Comments

Why would Microsoft sign an agreement with Funai, a brand that's hardly known in the UK but which is a major OEM manufacturer for a number of better known companies? We guess, based on the data available to us, that it might have something to do with embedded storage capabilities, a next generation PVR perhaps.

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