Microsoft sues TiVo after Tivo sues AT&T

Microsoft yesterday slapped a patent infringement lawsuit on makers of personal video recorders TiVo Inc, accusing it of using its digital video recording technology without permission.

The suit filed in a San Francisco federal court, follows TiVo's accusation that AT&T infringed TiVo patents in its a U-verse cable television service.

"We remain open to resolving this situation through an intellectual property licensing agreement, and we have initiated discussions to engage TiVo in negotiations," Microsoft director of public affairs Kevin Kutz said.

AT&T offers internet-based TV services to its customers using Microsoft software in its video delivery platform and digital video recording technology.

In a statement, a TiVo spokesman said the actions, "are part of a legal strategy to defend AT&T. We remain confident in our position that AT&T will be found to infringe on the TiVo patents asserted."