Opera Buys Mobile Ad Specialist AdMarvel

In an attempt to carve a niche in the mobile advertising market, Opera Software has acquired AdMarvel, a California-based mobile ad company that specialises in providing internet traffic management and analysis software.

The Norwegian web browser company said on Wednesday that it had purchased AdMarvel in a deal which involves a payment of $8 million in cash and a further payment of $15 million if certain financial targets are met in the next 24 months.

The company has plans to integrate its Opera Mini mobile phone browser with the technology offered by AdMarvel, which apart from injecting ads in mobile phone browsers, offers a range of management and analytical tools for mobile ad publishers.

AdMarvel’s Traffic Management tool allows users to control the destination and the type of devices that their adverts are being delivered; in addition the company’s Traffic Analysis Tool allows ad publishers to break down traffic by country, devices and carriers.

Opera Mini mobile phone web browser is used by approximately 50 million mobile phone users and Opera will look to cash in on its popularity before Apple and Google divide the lucrative mobile ad market amongst themselves.

Our Comments

Google had recently acquired AdMob, and its move was closely followed by Apple Inc, which went on to acquire mobile ad publisher Quattro Wireless. Opera has been quite aggressive lately with forward-thinking projects like Unite or Opera Mini. Still, will they be able to survive amidst competition from Apple, Google and Microsoft?

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