Amazon Brings Android MP3 Service To UK

Amazon’s much-awaited online music service, dubbed as “Amazon MP3”, would now be available to the UK users having Android-powered smartphone.

The service has already been available to the Android users in the US for a few months already, and the online retailing giant is expanding it to other parts of the globe.

Amazon MP3 Service will dish up UK music enthusiasts with music content from all four prominent music labels, along with several other independent labels.

Users can download their favourite tracks from a huge list of ten million DRM-free tracks, which makes it easy to transfer the songs to other music-playing devices.

It further features pretty useful song search capability, as well as top 100 single and album charts to let users pick out the hottest chartbusters with ease.

Perceptibly, Amazon tends to offer cheaper download rates than the other online music stores around, as its music store includes a number of albums and songs starting from £3 and 29p respectively.

Raquel Gonzalez-Dalmau, senior manager with Amazon MP3 Europe, said in a statement: “We want customers to be able to discover, buy and play their music at their convenience, from the widest range of music genres possible. Customers now have even more ways to discover our selection of more than 10m MP3 songs”.

This would be win-win situation for both Google and Amazon; while the former eventually gets a full-fledged music store to position against iTunes, the latter now has access to a wider market.

Our Comments

Are these the first step of Googlezon, the famed duopoly that was spelt out a few years ago? A fully fledged partnership between the two could have long lasting consequences for the rest of the technology world, both online and offline. Still Amazon is pragmatic, it knows it will have to sell Apple stuff as well to thrive.

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