AMD intros massively parallel tiddler

Profit-making AMD today introduced the ATI Radeon E4690 Mobile PCI Express module (MXM) aimed at graphics-intensive embedded systems.

The chippery features a massively parallel programmable architecture on a tiny scale. AMD said the MXM features more than three times the 3D graphics performance of anything before it.

The chip designer said it worked with ALT Software to offer an alternative to custom programming by developing a standards-based parallel processing API. "The GPU has become a standard hardware component in many aerospace and defence systems, making it an ideal parallel processing solution," the press release said. We thinq we Cuda heard something similar somewhere else.

The ATI Radeon E4690 MXM features 512MB of on-board GDDR3 memory, 320 shader processors, a an array of display output options and adjustable system clocks.

It supports both Microsoft DirectX 10.1 and AMD's Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD 2). The ATI Radeon E4690 MXM is designed to optimise power consumption and enable exceptional performance per watt for power-sensitive embedded applications.

Outputs include dual independent display controllers, integrated DisplayPort, integrated single and dual-link LVDS, integrated single and dual-link DVI /TMDS/HDMI and analogue outputs. Daamit reckons the E4690 MXM can replace numerous system hardware components, such as FPGAs and DSPs, helping to reduce overall system power, size, and cost.

The firm sees embedded applications for the platfom in digital signage, image recognition, signal processing and surveillance, arcade and casino games and medical imaging.