Android tablet spotted in China

Joining the soon-to-become-annoyingly-overcrowded Tablet PC market, Viewsonic has unveiled the VTablet 101 in China.

Details are pretty scant as we write, but according to a combination of Google translate, and Chinese langauage website Tech 163, the device uses the Google Android operating system more commonly used in smartphones, has a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor and Nvidia Tegra graphics.

Input is through an 8.9-inch touchscreen panel capable of displaying a top resolution of 1024x800. It will come with 4GB of flash storage as well as Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

3G cellular functionality is also included but you'll have to use a headset to make calls as there is no built-in microphone.

Chinese punters will be able to grab one for 3,000 yuan (about £270) but there's no information on if or when it will be available outside China.