BBC gets back into the game game

The BBC is looking to license its best-loved programming to the gaming industry in an attempt to win back a yoof audience increasingly hooked on mobile entertainment platforms.

A report on games industry news portal MCV says that the commercial arm of the British broadcaster is actively courting publishers and developers with such tempting titles and big hitters as the recently-revamped Doctor Who, petrolhead bible Top Gear, and the unfathomably psychedelic children's nonsense In The Night Garden, which we suspect is watched more by half-baked students than bewildered tots.

According to the report, the BBC wants to see its money-spinning brands, which are already syndicated all over the planet, taking up residency on hand-held devices like Apple's iPhone and iPods, portable games machines like the PSP and Nintendo DS, and games consoles like the PS3 and Wii.

It's not the first time the broadcaster has dipped its toes into gaming waters. The corporation canned its multimedia division in 2005 after an attempt to get a Playstation version of spy thriller Spooks off of the ground.

Former Electronic Arts exec Robert Nashak is reported to be on board to steer the project.