BT puts a price on better broadband

BT has announced the launch of its 40 megabits per second fibre optic Internet service called Infinity.

According to the BBC, trials have already been held in London and Glasgow, and the full service will be rolled out to four million homes and businesses by 2011.

Home users will probably opt for the £20-a-month 40mbps (maximum of course) download flavour, which comes with 2mbs uploads.

If you want to send lots of data then you'll need the top-price £25-a-month tariff which, has the same download speed but will include snappier 10mbps uploads.

The lower tariff will also incur a £50 one-off installation fee and be limited to 20GB a month. The top tariff is 'unlimited' though but will probably be capped by a complicated and indecipherable fair use policy which no-one but a lawyer will possibly understand.

Other ISPs like Sky will be offered the new services to sell on, but with Virgin already offering 50meg cable packages, and talking about pushing that up to 200 meg in the not too distant future, it remains to be seen if the new BT service will make an impact on a crowded broadband market.