Clinton Demands Chinese Intervention In Google Attacks

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the US Secretary of State, has urged the Chinese government to launch an investigation into the cyber attack, which had originated from the country and had targeted Google and several other US based companies.

Speaking at a conference in Washington DC, Clinton boldly announced a new initiative undertaken by the US Department of State regarding the freedom of speech and information over the internet.

Clinton went on the list the importance of internet freedom and unrestricted communication and condemned authoritarian countries - with a clear allusion to China - that violate human rights by censoring information on the internet.

Hillary Clinton openly announced that Google Inc. had the might of the US government behind it and asked China to abolish or moderate its internet censorship laws.

She said that “There are so many people in China now online. But countries that restrict free access to information or violate the basic rights of internet users risk walling themselves off from the progress of the next century.”

Clinton, who is the first former First Lady to work in a President’s cabinet, outlined that freedom of information was directly related to international peace and security and vowed to campaign for the rights of organisations and people that are fighting for freedom of information the world over.

Our Comments

Could Google become the champion of the US, the cast study on which it will base itself to promote liberty, freedom of expression and responsible capitalism? Well, it appears to be so, especially as we remembered fondly some weeks ago , a Fortune magazine cover that asked a simple question, is Google to close to Obama?

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