Fake Macbook Air shows up

Apple supremo Steve Jobs has always said his company won't make a cut-price netbook because it doesn't know how to do cheap.

The Chinese, on the other hand, are all over cheap and plasticky, so throwing together a knock-off wannabe Macbook Air copy was all-but inevitable.

Looking to all the world like the bastard love child of an old iBook and Apple's anorexic Air, the Chinese doppelganger, which is apparently available everywhere in Shanghai's tech district Shenzhen, has all the good looks of an Apple product, but none of the good stuff under the bonnet.

It's powered by an 1.66GHz Atom N280, has 1GB of RAM, a 160Gig hard drive and a three-cell battery. And it has a nifty multi-coloured, glowing Apple logo on the lid just to really get the Cupertino Cabal in a tizzy.

It comes equipped with Windows XP but the specs, the (relatively) good looks, and the £155 price tag should have the Hackintosh crowd frothing at the mouth in anticipation of cramming it full of OSX goodness.

You can see lots of pics, and lots and lots of people desperately trying to find out how to order one, over at MIC Gadget.