Get OSX Snow Leopard Server for free

Apple is offering businesses and educational institutions $500 worth of fully functional software for free.

The latest version of Mac OSX Server, which normally retails for $500, is available for free from the US Apple site. The company is clearly trying to push into the burgeoning data centre market with the OS which fully supports cross-platform networks and is based on a rock solid Unix platform.

Filling in the online form will prompt an Apple rep to get in touch to further evaluate your requirements.

From what we can tell, there is no time limit on the software, and Apple is relying on users being so impressed with the package that they will gladly pay for it, and the levels of support offered.

There's no indication that the company will extend the offer outside the US but, judging by the way Apple usually treats us second class citizens in the UK, we won't be holding our breath in anticipation.