Google Street View Now Includes National Trust Landmarks

A collection of the UK’s twenty picturesque landscapes, country houses and fascinating castles from National Trust properties have been included into the Google’s popular Street View service.

The service will now show images of some the iconic National Trust’s sites, including Corfe Castle in Dorset, Downhill Denesne in Northern Ireland, Plas Newydd in Wales, and Yorkshire’s famous Fountain Abbey.

Images of these aforementioned sites were captured last summer using the Google Trike, a three-wheeled bike that carried a camera mounted on it which is capable of capturing high resolution images.

Online users can now have a 360-degree ground level view of these National Trust sites, and also gain valuable insights from the specially created guides on these attractions.

Google’s geospatial technologist, Ed Parsons, extolled the arrival of these sites to Street View service by saying, “National Trust locations offer all of us a glimpse of history, nature and architecture”.

“We were delighted to be able to open up some of the UK's most famous landmarks to the rest of the world via the web,” he added. Giant Causeway is likely to be the other National Trust site that would appear on Google Street View service sometime during the end of this year.

Our Comments

Kudos to Google for bringing those tourists landmarks online. This can only encourage people to visit them virtually first before committing to go there in real to enjoy the scenery and support the local community. The fact that access to this service is free can only be commended.

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