Microsoft avoids WGA class action lawsuit

Microsoft has avoided a class action suit which could have cost the software monopolist hundreds of millions of dollars.

Consumers were up in arms that Microsoft encouraged them to install an update for Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) by promoting it as critical security update. The issue was compounded when it was revealed that WGA "phoned home" on a daily basis.

A bunch of miffed users filed a class action lawsuit against the Vole in June 2006, raising the possiblity that anyone who was running Windows XP back then could join the case against Microsoft without even having to hire an lawyer.

But earlier this month, US District Court Judge, Richard Jones refused to certify the lawsuit as a class action.

Users feeling abused can still pursue Microsoft over the matter, but lack of class action status means they'll have to take on Microsoft's army of sharp-suited lawyers one by one.