Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Officially Debuts

Mozilla Foundation has unleashed the latest iteration of its signature Firefox web browser, bringing raft of improvements in the browser’s speed and performance.

Dubbed as “Firefox 3.6”, the latest version of the open source web browser offers better stability and performance, along with host of new cutting-edge features for both the general users as well as developers.

The builds of the new version of the browser will be available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. In the list of performance improvements, Firefox 3.6 offers better startup and response times, along with improved JavaScript performance.

All in all, Mozilla claims that the latest version is as much as 20 percent faster than the previous Firefox version 3.5. In addition to these, the latest features bring in a new Personas theme tool, which allows the users to edit and load the themes without having to restart the browser.

Furthermore, the browser incorporates a better auto-complete component coupled with a new plug-in updater, which can automatically detect when the plug-in is needed to be updated.

Being touted as the “world’s best browser” by the company, Firefox 3.6 also has some newly added features for developers, which include support for HTML and CSS gradients.

Our Comments

Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, said in a statement: “Firefox lets users take control of their experience, it's the most customizable browser around, and it's an incredibly fast browser.” Yet we have the feeling that Firefox will be feeling the heat in 2010 from Chrome. You can download Firefox 3.6 at

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