Truphone Partners With Vodafone To Launch VoIP MVNO

Truphone, a UK based VoIP telephony services provider, has rolled out its Truphone Local Anywhere service that will allow frequent UK business travelers to make calls at local rates when they go to the US.

The scheme, which was announced by the company during Mobile World Congress, last year, will offer call rates as cheap as 10p per minute provided that they sign-up for a £7.99 monthly tariff.

Truphone Local Anywhere will offer its customers a single ‘smart’ SIM card that will allow them to make calls at local rates in countries where Truphone operates.

Currently, the service is available only in UK and US but the company plans to launch the service in Europe followed by a launch in the Far East.

Geraldine Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Truphone, explaining the usefulness of a single-SIM connection, said in a statement that “We expect to have many other announcements in the coming year for major travel destinations such as financial centres and Australia and South Africa, particularly with the upcoming World Cup, we will have more countries on our network in 2010.”

Interestingly, Truphone has collaborated with Vodafone for a UK-wide roll out of the service. However, the company failed to give the name of its US partner.

Our Comments

Interesting partnership that Truphone has done with Vodafone. It highlights the fact that VoIP and mobile phone networks are not necessarily enemies. Likewise, the partnership with Skype and Ebay has been a win-win situation altogether although Vodafone goes further with Truphone

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