Video Games Industry Warns UK Government To Be More Supportive

The gaming industry has urged the UK government to support UK video games developers as it feels that they are threatened by their international rivals who get full backing of their respective governments.

Some of the most prominent members of the gaming industry such as Ian Livingstone from Eidos, Chris Deering from Codemasters, David Braben of Elite and many others had gathered at Whitehall, London for the Westminster e-Forum in order to discuss the steps the government will take to ensure the continuous growth of the gaming industry.

The forum was attended by several prominent MPs including the former defense minister Tom Watson along with Shadow creative minister Ed Vaizey but Keith Vaz MP, who has never fallen short of announcing his anti-gaming views in the past, was absent from the e-Forum.

Representatives from both sides also discussed what provisions the government should include in the pre-budget report, which is due next week, regarding the gaming industry. The gaming industry is of vital importance to UK’s economy and is said to be bigger than the UK film industry.

However, some speakers at the e-Forum highlighted the fact that the gaming industry in UK is progressing slowly while the gaming industries in France and Canada are forging ahead at a brisk rate.

Our Comments

TIGA, the organisation that represents the gaming industry, has asked the government to provide tax-credits to the gaming industry to propel its growth. The government is unlikely to accept the financial demands given the current financial situation.

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