Asus Releases Photos Of DR-950 9-inch eBook Reader

Folks at Asus UK's Office have uploaded a few photos of the company's upcoming ebook reader, a 9-inch touchscreen device by the name of the DR-950, on a Flickr account.

The ebook reader uses SiPix touchscreen technology - which like the more widespread e-ink doesn't consume power when displaying an image - and offers a XGA (1024x768 pixels) resolution with 16 shades of grey. It supports onscreen handwriting as well as a virtual Keyboard.

Asus has judiciously thrown in text to speech functionality, a RSS reader, a dictionary, a built in browser that functions both in landscape and portrait mode, a microUSB and 3.5mm headphone socket, built in speakers as well as 902.11g, optional HSDPA and WiMAX connectivity.

The DR950 also packs quite a punch when it comes to storage capacity with 4GB onboard and a SDHC card slot that can take 32GB cards. It will be compatible with TXT, PDF, ePub, MP3 and Audible files with support for various DRM schemes and graphics formats.

Compared to say the Kindle DX, the DR-950 is significantly thinner, a third lighter and has a much smaller footprint. It will cost around £250 and will be available within 90 days in the UK from what we've heard. The only other detail missing is the battery life. Check the Flickr photos here.

Our Comments

One thing that is likely to happen is a price war with the prices of tablets falling. With the arrival of the iSlate or iPad or Mactablet next week, things are going to get very, very competitive. This can only means a surge in interest from customers in 2010. Nice.

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