Sony has flogged three million PS3s in UK

Sony said it has now sold more than three million PS3 consoles in the UK.

The box lags behind the irrepressible Wii and the much-subsidised XBOx in total sales. Nintendo has wormed more than 6 millin WIis into British front rooms. Microsoft claims sloes to four million Xbox sales in the UK.

Both consoles were released much earlier in the UK and managed to sell four million (Xbox 360) and six million units (Nintendo Wii). Globally, the gap is even more telling - 39 million Xbox 360 and nearly 57 million Nintendo Wii's have been sold worldwide.

Both rival console have had longer to extened the ir reach in the Uk PS3 iand the PS3 has been boosted this year by a significant price cut and the introduction of a slimline version PS3.

The console enjoyed a decent Yule, slipping into many a stocking with ease. And you can't knock that.