Apple Tablet Device To Be Called iPad?

With the expected launch of Apple’s highly rumoured tablet computing device inching closer, speculations about the name of the device is now doing rounds on the blogosphere.

Refreshed rumours are suggesting that Apple is looking for the name “iPad” for the device, which is expected to be unveiled on 27 January at an event in San Francisco.

While a company named Slate Computing, which is believed to be a shell company for Apple, has registered for the trademark iPad in Canada, Hong Kong, and Europe in July 2009, Fujitsu still holds the patent for the trademark in the US.

According to the Jesus Tablet blog, Apple has filed many requests with the US Patent and Trademark Office asking for some more time to present evidences against Fujitsu’s iPad trademark application.

Apple has reportedly started taking interest in the name iPad in September last year, and has subsequently asked the department to have its opened for opposing the Fujitsu’s trademark application.

Apple has granted an extension for the same, and now can present its case until 28 February, it has been reported.

The company is reportedly taking advantage of the fact that Fujitsu stopped replying to the US Patent and Trademark Office’s requests, which eventually led the department to abandon the name in April 2009. However, Fujitsu began pursuing the trademark again in the month of June.

Our Comments

The Fujitsu iPad was a handled device that combined a telephone with a scanner and a touchscreen, something that was quite advanced when it was launched but which is obviously outdated nowadays. It ran on Windows CE and could fall drops of up to five feet on concrete. Wished the iPhone could do that.

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