Bach Technology Proposes To Replace MP3 By MusicDNA

A prominent audio tech firm seems all geared up to come up with the successor to the omnipresent MP3 music file format that could lure music enthusiasts to adopt legitimate downloading in masses, it has been claimed.

Bach Technology, the company based in Norway, China, and Germany, and which incidentally co-invented the popular MP3 technology, has divulged its plans to launch a new evolved music file format, dubbed as “MusicDNA”.

Apparently, it would enable music lovers to download their favourite tracks along with some extra content with them.

The move aims at salvaging the piracy-affected music industry to entice the users to prefer legitimate downloading by embedding the music files with some interesting additional content, such as news updates, lyrics, as well as images of their favourite music stars.

The proposed file format, which has the backing of the original MP3 file format inventor, would further enable music labels and retailers to send updates to the users when they have any new announcements to make, which may include upcoming tours, latest interviews, and social networking updates.

Users would have control over the amount of information they receive when they are online. However, people using illicit sources for downloading music would receive static files only, with no additional info attached.

Touting the proposed move, Stefan Kohlmeyer, CEO of Bach Technology, told Reuters: “We are getting very good feedback and the fact we are looking to include everyone in this, and not competing against them, helps”.

Our Comments

MusicDNA is the equivalent of the paper cover that normally accompany albums except that it is significantly more interactive. But will the customers be lured by this format? Not necessarily. Apple already has something in the pipeline and the arrival of the tablet could possibly disrupt all this.

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