Gaming Community Adopting Windows 7 Massively

Steam, the world’s largest PC gaming platform, has reported in its December 2009 report that the latest iteration of its operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7, has become immensely popular with the PC gaming community.

The report, which was released as a part of Steam’s December 2009 hardware survey, revealed that almost 23 percent of Steam users are now running the Windows 7 operating system.

It also revealed that 30 per cent of users were on Windows Vista whereas around 45 per cent users were hooked on to Windows XP.

However, considering the fact that Windows 7 was launched only in October 2009, it is quite impressive that the software has managed to garner a respectable market share in the operating systems market.

Since its launch in October, Windows 7 has seen meteoric sales figures with reporting that the software ha become the website’s highest-grossing pre-order product of all time.

The software is still forging ahead even after a quarter since it was launched and it has now surpassed the combined market share of all the versions of Mac OS X operating systems from Apple.

Many analysts believe that the real challenge before Windows 7 is to wean away customers from its hugely popular predecessor Windows XP than from any other rival OS.

Our Comments

Windows 7 64-bit rather than Windows 7 32-bit is the most popular Windows 7 version. Even more impressive is the fact that Windows 7 64-bit grew by a staggering 2.45 percent while Windows XP 32-bit decreased by 3.20 percent. This means that Windows XP users are upgrading their system to 64-bit Windows 7.

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