Google Nexus One Automatically Censors Swear Words

Reuters has discovered that Google first consumer product, the Nexus One Android-based smartphone, is quite family friendly as it automatically censors obscene words.

The online news outlet found out that the device's voice to text feature filtered the most obvious words out and replaced them by a series of ###### or hash characters.

Google told reuters that they zap potentially offensive or inappropriate results because they want to avoid situations where they might not recognise a spokem query and return profanity when the user said something completely innocent.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to turn their censorship mode off, at least not now although someone might come up with a hack fairly soon.

The censorship function of the Google Nexus apparently filters out words like butt but not balls or crap-spackle (whatever that means). So, Google blanket filters all content, ingoing and outgoing, for profanity and many have questioned whether Google is not simply acting like China on this one.

The Nexus One has been a bit of a hit and miss although, as one commentator highlighted, this particular issue is not worth losing sleep over. There are significantly more urgent and critical issues to be dealth with.

Now let see whether Google Nexus will start learning inuendos, subtilities or whether they will start censoring us when we look for

Our Comments

The Google Nexus is a wonderful too and one which can be extremely useful for businessmen and professionals alike. Google is being a tad overprecautious by introducing a censor filter. However, better be safe than sorry as there has been a number of instances where gaming devices and consoles have displayed or uttered obscenities to children and parents.

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