Half Of Britain Would Consider Buying An Apple iPad Tablet Says Survey

A survey carried out by popular voucher website, Vouchercodes.co.uk, has found out that more than half of the respondents would consider buying an Apple Tablet device although the percentage of those who said they would buy it immediately fell to a puny two percent.

A quarter of those polled said they would only buy it at the right price with two thirds saying that they are only prepared to spend £250 or less on the device - which is roughly the price you'd pay for a 64GB iPod Touch.

Not surprisingly, a quarter of the 3000 people surveyed said that they would buy it only if it was available at the "right price", a very subjective and fluctuating benchmark indeed.

Vouchercodes.co.uk also found out that most people would be willing to use it for browsing the web with reading written content - newspapers, books, magazines coming next. Playing multimedia content like podcasts or movies came in third place.

The iPad could also trigger a massive rethought as to how revenue could be generated for Apple and the content producers. Nearly half of respondents said that they would be paying £1 or more for a weekly newspaper subscription on the iPad Tablet.

That's equivalent to a minimum of £52 per annum with minimal distribution costs (or at least £100 per year per subscriber for a daily sheet like the Sun).

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Vouchercode also provides with the most popular and least popular names for the Apple Tablet. iTablet came first with 27 percent with iPad a close second at 25 percent and iSlate third with a 12 percent. iBrik was the least preferred name with iChunk and iSlab next on the short list.

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