HP begins bundling Musicstation

HP is to bundle Omnifone's MusicStation software on PCs sold in 10 European countries.

Punters buying any one of 16 HP desktop and laptop models will get unlimited access to 6.5 million tracks from the big four record labels and a selection of independents, for two weeks. After that they'll have to pay £8.99 to use the service.

Users will also be able to keep ten tracks DRM-free per month. The Files are delivered in WMA format HP said.

Users will be able synchronise and play the tracks on a number of different devices, although HP did not specify how many devices could be served by a single licence.

The move pitches at streaming music service Spotify, which also now faces competition from MySPace Music and Sky Songs.

This user has noticed that Spotify is ramping up the ads big-time on its free service, making it much less attractive than it used to be. No surprises there.