iPhone successful for Vodafone

It’s being reported that Vodafone has shifted 100,000 iPhone units in its first week of sales. Including pre-orders for both networks, Vodafone has topped Orange’s 30,000 launch day sales by an additional 20,000 and then gone on to sell the next 50,000 about twice as fast.

Although Vodafone does have a larger market share, the difference is only a couple of percentage points and doesn’t explain such rapid sales. Now that UK customers can get an iPhone with O2, Orange, Tesco or Vodafone, perhaps customers are more happy to purchase without the grief of feeling artificially forced to change their network. Vodafone have also been flexible in allowing early upgrades and incentivising existing customers repurchase. Also, it’s been my experience that Vodafone customers are extremely loyal to their brand, more so than any other UK customers.

There’s still no price war, with everyone charging virtually the same total cost on 18 or 24 month plans. Vodafone also followed the pack by setting a 1GB allowance on its iOfferings. iPhone popularity has been identified as causing major strain on 3G capacity, a trend that seems likely to continue to challenge all carriers.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com