Microsoft finally fixes Explorer 6

Microsoft will finally release a security patch for an ancient versions of its Internet Explorer web browser this evening.

The company is expected to start seeding update notices to IE6 users at around 6pm UK time today but the software giant is urging all users to upgrade to the latest iteration of the software, version 8, rather than upgrading.

The fix comes on the heels fo announcements my the French and German governments that no-one should use Internet Explorer in any form because it was holier than a bishop's tea bag.

Anyone with any sense, as far as we are concerned however, will be going for a 'thousand times bitten, 1001 times shy' approach and moving on to another browser.

There are a vast number of alternative browsers out there from Apple's speedy but occasionally flaky Safari to the mature and well-supported Firefox to the Google's less mature but equally impressive Chrome. There are dozens of smaller, perhaps more esoteric offerings out there, but browser choice is a highly personal matter and all have their champions and detractors.

If you want our recommendation for what it's worth, we use Firefox. It's fast, stable, reasonably secure and has hundreds of useful plugins which will do anything from updating your bookmarks over multiple devices to auto-refreshing often used pages at user-specified intervals.

The only way Microsoft will be forced to be a little less blasé about its browser security is if people vote with their feet, so it's time to move up or move on, folks.