OSX update seeded to developers

Apple has seeded the latest release of OSX snow Leopard to developers according to reports on a number of Apple-friendly news portals.

First spotted on Apple Insider, the free point release is expected to roll out using the usual Software Update notification within six weeks although a reported problem with displaying iPhoto albums in Apple's Front Row media software is causing much scratching of heads at present.

Major revamps are expected to Quicktime X, Apple's pro audio suite Logic as well as the usual driver updates for third party printers and security fixes.

OpenGL is also expected to get a bit of spit and polish as more developers take advantage of the advanced graphics capabilities first introduced with the launch of Snow Leopard.

Gazing even deeper into the Apple-shaped crystal ball, Mac Rumours has sniffed out the first whiff of Mac OSX 10.7 which is predicted by many to me a major update with lots of the new front-end bells and whistles which were conspicuously absent from Snow Leopard.