Scottish Baby Conceived Thanks To iPhone Calendar

The Scottish Sun has reported that a Scottish couple has successfully given birth to a baby girl, which was conceived with the help of an app for Apple’s blockbuster smartphone, iPhone.

The baby, being dubbed as Britain’s first ‘iPhone baby’, was conceived by Lena and Dudley Bryce, by the help of "he Free "Menstrual Calendar" app, which allows users to keep track of their menstrual cycle, record their sexual intercourse data.

It also gives out educational tips and information about the menstrual cycle from time to time, amongst other features. The couple, which lives in Glasgow, Scotland, was trying to conceive a child for over four years, with no luck in sight.

But two months of ritually following the app’s instruction, Lena Bryce got pregnant and gave birth to baby Lola, who weighs a healthy 6lb 12oz.

Lena Bryce, expressing her delight upon becoming the mother of a beautiful baby girl, told the Scottish Sun that "We were considering IVF or adoption. But Dudley gave me the iPhone for my birthday and I downloaded the app."

Her husband, Dudley Bryce, who is a bar manager in Glasgow added that "I'm absolutely over the moon. It was hard seeing other people have children. We were desperate to be parents."

Our Comments

The iPhone, commonly known as the Jesus Phone, is capable of many a miracle. It can help parents conceive, it can allow you to find the perfect wife, the ideal job, get rid of your computer and more importantly make calls whilst you are away. Now guess what the iPad Tablet will do.

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