Sony Buys Domain Name For Forthcoming Arc Motion Controller

After much speculation about the name of the much awaited Sony PlayStation 3 motion controller, a dedicated gaming blog, VGChartz, has reported that the much vaunted controller will be christened as ‘Arc’.

The blog reported that when ‘’ was searched on ‘’, it was found that the domain name was registered by none other Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., with the date of registration being ‘2009-10-06’. As of now, the website is not functional.

The name ‘Arc’ has long been rumored as the possible name for the device, whose existence was announced by Sony during the E3 2009 and will reportedly allow the user to ‘interact’ with PS3 on one-to-one basis. However, the domain name registration has not been acknowledged by Sony.

Interestingly, VGChartz also reported that a website named, ‘’, has gone live on the internet with a single image of a ‘wand-like’ device that has a blue colored light bulb-like contraption at its head.

The webpage also displays a caption underneath the image, which says ‘The Future of Gaming. Arc you ready?’

The site, which shows no sign of being owned by Sony whatsoever, also declares that the motion controller will be ‘Arriving this fall with the Kownage Expansion Pack’.

Our Comments

If the news on this it to be believed, then the Kownage Expansion Pack will probably constitute of the Arc, PlayStation Eye and a game. Sony could also be enticed to produce more accessories, which is where it could not only extend the life of the PS3 but also bring in more revenues.

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