Acer, Lenovo, Asustek plan ebook readers

Far-eastern outfits Acer, Asustek and Lenovo have all had the brilliant idea of making and flogging ebook readers.

"We’re developing something, and we will see what happens after Apple’s tablet release," Chairman J.T. Wang told hacks. "I'm eager to see what Apple has done," Businessweek said he said. "It's going to be a big-screen iPhone," he predicted, adding: "The content can be bigger, more graphic, with more video and text, but they are going to duplicate a successful model."

Wang said Acer would launch a six-inch e-book reader within six months. Rival Asustek said it would offer six- and nine-inch models in US and European markets in a similar timescale.

Chinese-owned Lenovo has also let slip plans to launch a six-inch ebook reader, in the coming weeks.

Acer's effort will also featue a six-inch monochrome screen and initially be sold in a handful of European countries, Wong said. The device might be a bit like Apple's. The firm also plans an applications store offering "hundreds" of apps

"Amazon, Barnes & Noble; they are US-centric. In Western Europe and Asia-Pacific we have publishers to work with, and most of them are content owners,” Wong said.

He also confirmed an attatchment to Google's Chrome operating system stating he expects to see it in at least 10 per cent of Acer’s netbooks over the coming months.

Acer sold 10 million netbooks last year.