Apple iPad Tablet Leaked Photos Surface Online

Dustin Curtis, a designer and user interface expert who came to fame after coming up an unofficial redesign of American Airlines's website, has posted two pictures on its blog, of what appears to be Apple's Tablet PC without any comments or details, except for the title, "photos of the Apple tablet".

The pictures, which shows the tablet on an Apple Macbook keyboard, appear to be real and quite convincing but many have questioned the fact that the shadows do not appear to be properly aligned and that the reflection on the Macbook's screen appear to be fake.

Curtis clearly states though that the pictures were sent to him by someone who "purposefully manipulated the reflections to add doubt to their authenticity", before adding that he had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the photos.

The photos of the tablet show a thin slab of what appears to be a supersized iPod Touch with a 10-inch touchscreen, a thin bezel, a volume button with a 30-pin standard iPod connector.

True or not, the pictures have already been viewed on his website nearly 26,000 and tens of thousands of times on other websites, which makes of it an example of a great Viral marketing campaign.

Our Comments

Anyhow, we won't have to wait for long to get the first pictures of the Apple iPad Tablet fairly soon. We know that it is coming, it has been confirmed. Expectations will be sky high for tomorrow's (or Thursday's launch) depending where you are. You will get ample coverage from us as usual.

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