Cisco VMware NetApp put heads in the cloud

Cisco Systems said it will work together with NetApp and VMware to improve the security and efficiency of virtual data centres.

The announcement marks the extension of a long-standing collaboration between the three firms designed, they say, to deliver and evolve virtualised data centres to be more efficient, dynamic and secure.

The trio said their cobbled together "end-to-end Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture “provides enhanced security in cloud environments by isolating the information technology resources and applications of different clients, business units or departments that share a common IT infrastructure.

You’d think someone might have thought of that before now!

The deal focuses on the security and efficiency of cloud-based data. "A unified architecture approach is more important than ever before," says Tony Bates from Cisco. "Our joint vision with NetApp and VMware centers on delivering a unified architecture for customers to design and build a complete, virtualised data center that will streamline operations and improve their business resilience."

Tom Georgens, president and CEO of NetApp said, "Our visions are aligned around the concept of a dynamic data center centre that will be the foundation of cloud computing and that will enable enterprises, integrators and service providers to deliver IT as a service. This new era of IT has stringent infrastructure requirements that our companies are ready to meet today – together,” he trumpeted.