Digital DNA could finger Web criminals

Darpa, the US government organisation which kick-started the Internet, is proposing a project which will eventually be able to identify even the most sophisticated hackers by indentifying their digital DNA.

The organisation is hosting a proposer's workshop in Arlington Virginia on the 29th of January for "participants from the industry and academia" but is closed to members of the public and the press for some reason.

The Cyber Genome Program will, according to a press release, "produce revolutionary cyber defense and investigatory technologies for the collection, identification, characterization, and presentation of properties and relationships from collected digital artifacts of software, data, and/or users to support DoD law enforcement, counter intelligence, and cyber defense teams.

The organisation says it will snoop on data from live systems (traditional computers, PDAs and cloud computers), from wired or wireless networks, and collected storage media in order to trace the origins of malicious attacks.

Digital civil liberties groups are expected to start whining about invasion of privacy any second now.