Leaked Apple Tablet photos whip up a storm

A bloke has posted some photos on his blog and the geeks have gone bananas. Could the pictures posted by Dustin Curtis, a designer in San Francisco, possibly be the hotly-anticipated gadget Apple is to launch tomorrow?

Curtis insists the pix of thin black box really are of what he call's Apple's tablet. The over-interested are crying "foul", having pored over the photos with a fine-toothed Photoshop detector. But Curtis says any dodgy artifacts in the pictures are due to a bit of tweaking someone did in order to make the shots look less legitimate.

The pictures, which show the tablet on an Apple Macbook keyboard, appear to be real and quite convincing but many have questioned the fact that the shadows do not appear to be properly aligned and that the reflection on the Macbook's screen appear to be fake.

The pictures were sent to him by someone who "purposefully manipulated the reflections to add doubt to their authenticity, he said, adding that he had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the photos.

The photos show a thin slab of what appears to be a supersized iPhone with a 10-inch touchscreen, thin bezel, a prominent volume button and standard 30-pin iPod connector.

It looks a lot like what you might expect it to look like if in fact it exists at all.

The self publicist's blog is here.